Let us gift you a beautiful, glow skin on your big day. We understand the hassle and crazy schedule during wedding planning. Don’t worry! We are here to help you achieve the best skin. First decide how much time duration do you have before the day.

  • 6 months to go

  • 3 months to go

  • 1 month to go

We offer customized packages for brides and grooms and provide them the best skin treatments and facials. Get the best bridal treatment in Noida especially for soon bride to be.


  • SKIN BOOSTERS: Skin boosters are an amazing injections to make your skin look more hydrating giving extra ‘glow’ on the wedding day. These injections contain hyaluronic acid that are given in tiny micro-injections to give a beautiful radiance to the skin.

  • MEDI FACIALS: We offer a wide range of medifacials for the brides to be targeting dull skin or any other concern. Medifacials help in restoring brightening of the face and neck.

  • FULL BODY LASER HAIR REDUCTION: No more frequent visits to the parlour for painful waxing session. get hassle free laser hair reduction for smoother, shiny skin.

  • FACIAL FEATURE ENHANCEMENT: With a little touch of fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, you can add that extra factor and flaunt on your big day.

  • CHEMICAL EXFOLIATION: Exfoliate the skin and remove all the tan by de tan peels to achieve the growing, shiny skin before your wedding day.